The employee handbook is an essential communications tool for every company. No matter how big or small the organization, without a carefully-drafted handbook, employees may be unsure of company rules, expectations, benefits or procedures. A properly crafted handbook can also be a great tool to defend employment related claims. A handbook that isn’t clear, current, and manageable can lead to unnecessary misunderstandings and costly legal hassles.

Here’s the Solution:

Working closely with your key personnel, ECRM will conduct a thorough audit of your current handbook. With a clear focus on your company culture and industry, we will review existing policies and outline best practices and procedures. Our detailed audit report will guide you through any revisions, updates and additions that may be necessary to keep you compliant with current employment laws. After further consultation, we will provide a ready-for-print draft of your new, improved employee handbook.

No handbook? No problem. Using the same process, we will work with you to create a fully-compliant handbook that meets your company’s unique needs.