The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has become increasingly watchful in its pursuit of workplace harassment, sexual harassment, and discrimination charges. Companies forced to defend themselves against such charges are spending thousands of dollars on attorney fees and are facing astronomical punitive fines from the courts. In addition to the tangible monetary costs, these companies are paying the hidden expense of time and production lost to investigations, meetings and hearings.

Employers cannot afford to be ignorant of their legal obligations when dealing with any conduct that could create a hostile or intimidating work environment for employees in the ever-growing list of protected classes. Ignorance is not a viable defense, but more often an admission of guilt!

Here’s the Solution:

ECRM’s Human Resources team takes a pro-active approach to protecting both employers and employees from the pain and expense of harassment or discrimination. We offer a comprehensive program that equips managers and employees to identify, respond to, and ultimately prevent the offensive conduct that could cause untold damage to your company and your bottom line.

  1. Thorough document and procedural reviews ensure your Harassment and Sexual Harassment policies and procedures are not only legally compliant, but sufficient to properly protect you and your employees.
  2. Interactive, on-site training details each step an employer must take after observing offensive conduct or receiving a complaint. Your management team will be aware of legally protected classes, able to recognize and confidently confront questionable or prohibited conduct, and ready to respond with a well-defined procedure for quickly and properly investigating any complaint.
  3. Interactive, on-site training specifically designed for employees increases awareness of offensive conduct and details company policies and procedures.