Currently, there are more than 10,000 pages of federal environmental laws in addition to state and local regulations. These long, complex, sometimes contradictory laws apply to companies of all sizes, from the neighborhood auto dealership to the state’s largest chemical plant. Maintaining full compliance is a challenge, at best—evenfor companies that are aware of the applicable laws.

But non-compliance with this regulatory maze can result in devastating penalties including large fines and lengthy legal proceedings. Civil penalties alone can be as high as $25,000 per day per violation.

Here’s The Solution

ECRM brings over 30 years of permitting and compliance experience in the primary environmental areas including Air, Water, Groundwater, Hazardous Chemicals, and Hazardous Waste. Our environmental professionals will work with you to create an auditable environmental compliance program focused on current requirements, evolving regulations and operational cost savings. These programs will address the requirements of EPA, OSHA, DOT and Homeland Security as well as all State Regulatory Agencies.

It all starts with an Environmental Review to identify areas of concern, including:

  • Air and water pollution emissions and permitting
  • Solid and Universal waste disposal issues
  • Hazardous waste generation, storage, treatment, and disposal
  • Underground storage tank management
  • Reporting and record keeping requirements
  • Storm water management and permitting
  • Emergency Response planning

In addition to your initial review, our environmental management services include:

  • Maintenance of all records and documents needed for compliance
  • Submission of required environmental reports to applicable agencies
  • Routine regulatory updates and program audits
  • Technical consulting support for any environmental incidents or inspections
  • Preparedness and Emergency Response plans, including conducting on-site drills
  • Conducting employee training for compliance with applicable regulations including HAZWOPER, RCRA, CERCLA, TOSCA, SARA Title III, and HAZMAT
  • Identify waste minimization, cost reduction, and “Green Initiatives” opportunities
  • Air monitoring programs

Contact us to learn how ECRM can partner with you to protect the environment and your bottom line.